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A selection of summer designs for home and clothing

Designs at various stages from ideas in paintings and CADS to colour and layout options in garments. Also a selection of hero jersey stripes which were best sellers that outsold prints for that phase.


Images copyright of Joules



A selection of simple stripes for ladieswear

stripes for jersey and sweats showing a range of styles in fun hotch potches to simple asll over designs. also showing how a wide range of colour combinations are given before the final design is chosen


Images copyright of Joules



Autumn designs for tweed and checks 

mood boards showing the country  mood with pretty  autumnal colours that are classic with a modern twist. Tweed mood boards are the first stages of tweed design where the mood is interpreted into tweed colours and layout ideas. Also can see some tweed cads which are created using illustrator and reflect the correct structure and yarn thickness for the fabric  


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The SS19 tweed collection


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A collection of double cloth and jacquard designs woven in cashmere/ silk and cotton.  An award winning collection that was inspired by the movement of light and the unpredictable tones and gradients creating through analogue photography. The yarns were dip dyed or printed to create the variation and then woven and professionally finished which created a really soft and lustrous fabric with rich but subtle colouration.